Yaz Birth Gall Bladder Disease


Has Yaz Given You Debilitating Side Effects?

Perhaps you or someone you know has taken the drug known as Yaz. Perhaps they had an adverse reaction to the drug, including the development of Yaz gallbladder disease. It’s important to be educated on the dangers of this drug and be aware that the company who produced it could be held liable for any adverse reactions.

Yaz is a kind of birth control drug created by Bayer Healthcare. Yaz is actually the name given by Bayer to something called drospirenone. Drospirenone is itself something called a progestin. A progestin is a kind of drug that simulates the effects of a progestegen, which is a hormone that occurs naturally in the human body. Progestins are used to treat a number of ailments. These include the disease, endometrial hyperplasia, which is the creation of too many cells in the lining of the uterus, as well as other serious female ailments such as abnormal uterine bleeding.

The main use of progestins, however, is as a contraceptive. It accomplishes this by altering female hormones much like the natural progetegens do. In studies performed before its release to the public, drospirenone was shown to have a pharmacological profile that was closer to the naturally occurring progetegens than other progestins, perhaps suggesting it would be some how superior to other contraceptives on the market.

A few different drugs came out of the development of drospirenone, including the birth control pill, Yaz. Yaz in particular is a kind of tablet that is taken orally that contains three milligrams of drospirenone as well as twenty micrograms of something called ethinylestradiol. Ethinylestradiol is a kind of synthetic estrogen that is combined with almost every contraceptive on the market.

Since Yaz’s introduction onto the market, there have been many controversies surrounding the contraceptive. One such controversy occurred due to television advertisements for Yaz that were broadcasted in 2008. The FDA took action against Bayer for these Yaz commercials, accusing Bayer of both exaggerating what the FDA approved uses for the drug actually were as well as failing to mention the many risks one takes while using the contraceptive.

This controversy was heightened by a plethora of lawsuits against Bayer for the how they marketed Yaz as well as for the side-effects the drug produced. They were accused of trying to mislead the public into believing the drug was safe by covering up the extreme risks the use of the drug entailed to the public in its marketing campaigns for the drug. Lawsuits also accused Bayer of failing to properly research the true effects of the drug. Other lawsuits demanded that Bayer should have recalled Yaz due to the fact it’s side-effects could indeed be life threatening. In 2009, Bayer disclosed that the number of these lawsuits totaled 129.

One side-effect of Yaz that has been sited as being caused by the contraceptive is hyperkalemia in certain people who are at risk for developing the disease. Hyperkalemia, also known as hyperpotassemia, occurs when there is too much potassium in the bloodstream. Symptoms for this disease can include weakness of the muscles, malaise, and abnormal heartbeats. Hyperkalemia is a very serious condition, and more extreme cases of hyperkalemia can even result in sudden death.

Another huge controversy has been that the links between Yaz and the development of gallbladder disease have been strong enough that the side-effect has sometimes been colloquially referred to as Yaz gallbladder disease. Women, who obviously are the users of birth control pills, are already two times more likely to develop gallstones than men. It has been suggested that the use of Yaz can increase this danger even more by increasing the amount of cholesterol found in bile and by slowing down movement in the gallbladder.

This can lead to the creation of gallstones that can become trapped in bile ducts and create serious health problems such as jaundice. Jaundice is when bile that has been blocked by gallstones in the gallbladder escapes into the bloodstream. This gallstone blockage may have to be treated by surgery to remove the gallbladder. Removal of the gallbladder itself has been shown to create even more debilitating side-effects.

There have been many more serious ailments that can develop from use of Yaz in addition to hyperkalemia and gallbladder disease. Use of Yaz has been linked to dangerous blood clots, strokes, inflammation of the pancreas, and life threatening heart attacks.

Due to the negligence Bayer has been accused of while developing and marketing this drug, there is a strong possibility for plaintiffs to be awarded monetary judgments if it can be proven Yaz caused the plaintiff’s injuries due to this negligence. If you or anyone you know has been the victim of the innumerous ailments associated with the use of this birth control pill, it is probably wise to contact a law-firm.