Ocella Birth Control


Ocella Birth Control

Ocella Side effects
Getting pregnant can be a pleasant experience for some of us, whereas, some wish to avoid pregnancy due to one reason or another. The market is flooded with condoms, contraceptives and other devices, which prevent pregnancy. Most women prefer contraceptives for birth control. Though we are aware that any medicine taken without a prescription or consumed for a long time does have a few side effects, what are we doing about it?

Ocella is an oral contraceptive/Birth control pill used to prevent pregnancy. It consists of Ethinyl Estradiol and Drospirenone, which stops ovulation. Ocella is also referred to as the generic form of Yaz or Yasmin.
How does it work?

The two main chemicals present in Ocella thicken the cervical and uterine lining, which makes it difficult for sperm to become attached.

Who can take it?
While doctors recommend Ocella as a contraceptive, it is also suggested for other problems such as painful menstrual periods, acne and premenstrual dysphoric disorder in women above 14 years whose menstrual periods have started.

How is Ocella taken?
Usually your doctor will tell you the dosage, side effects, dos and don’ts of Ocella during your visit. Do exactly as your doctor instructs. Take the exact dose, no more, no less. Your doctor will usually suggest that you start the dose on the first day of your menstruation cycle and continue to take it everyday, taking one every 24 hours. Have the next pack on hand before the previous pack is finished so that you can avoid any intermediate effects such as heavy bleeding or abdominal pain. Keep in touch with your doctor when you are on this medication. Keep looking out for any physical or mental changes during this period to be on the safer side.

Side Effects of Ocella
Pharmaceutical companies usually quote warnings on the cover of all medicines. They suggest that you to take it as per the physician’s advice. Doctors and physicians prescribe medicines only after reviewing their side effects and set backs. Most of the time, they inform patients about the side effects of the medicine when they prescribe it.

Ocella has side effects, a few are mild and a few are critical and require immediate medical help. Common ones include blurred vision, changes in your facial skin color, itching or irritation in the vagina, swelling or pain in the breasts, irregular menstrual cycles, sudden weight loss, swelling on part of the body and loss of hair. Serious side effects include sudden blurred vision, numbness, weakness, pain in the eyes, imbalanced speech, chest pain which spreads to the arms and shoulder, nausea, severe migraine, difficulty in breathing, sudden paleness on any part of the body, severe depression, lumps in the breast, loss of appetite and jaundice.
Though these are just a few of the side effects which are commonly experienced by the women who consume Ocella, it is better to contact your doctor immediately if you experience any slight physical or mental abnormality.

More about Ocella
Do not use Ocella if you are pregnant. The chemicals used in it can cause harm to the pregnancy, leading to physical and mental defects. If you are a lactating mother, plainly avoid Ocella as the hormones present in the medicine can pass into the milk and harm the growth of the baby.

In addition, Ocella is not advisable for those who carry a history of heart disorders, severe vaginal bleeding, imbalanced blood pressure, migraine attacks, adrenal gland disorders, and liver or kidney diseases as well as any cancer or blood related problems. It is always better to inform your doctor of your past and present medical conditions before he or she prescribes any contraceptive.

While you are on this medication, maintain a healthy diet. Avoid consuming too much alcohol and smoking, as these activities increase the chances of heart strokes, blood clots or any other organ failure.

Ocella is just a contraceptive, which prevents pregnancy and not diseases such as HIV and other STDs. There are other alternatives like condoms, which can stop the spread of such diseases. Missing a dose might increase the chances of pregnancy. So try to maintain the dose. Ask your doctor any questions that you have and clarify your doubts before you take the medication.

Many contraceptives are sold with out sufficient warnings thus more and more fatal cases are being reported every year. If a woman faces any of the Ocella side effects such as gall bladder dysfunction, deep vein thrombosis, heart attack, stroke or sudden death, she or her family members have the right to try to sue Ocella. Here on this site we offer consultation and claim assessment for the victims.

Although the consumer advocacy group Public Citizen, labels harmful contraceptives such as Ocella, Yaz and Yasmin as “DO NOT USE DRUGS” they are being prescribed and sold publicly without sufficient warnings. The drug manufacturers are ignoring the risks and are making heavy profits with more and more sales of Ocella.

If you or a family member have used Ocella and have had bad results with it or were injured by it contact us. We are attorneys that can help you file a lawsuit with the Ocella company.